UniSA 2021/2022 Vacation Research Scholarships are open for applications!

Project 1. Improving eHealth Literacy in Global Health Crises

Keywords: eHealth Literacy, digital health information, global health crises, COVID-19

Project summary:

Much research is needed to understand individuals’ information behaviours in global health crises, including their abilities to discern good versus bad information from various information sources (traditional mass media, digital, interpersonal, etc.). Based on such an understanding, we can then develop interventions to improve individuals’ health literacy, which must include eHealth literacy in today’s world, that is, the ability to access, assess, and use digital health information to make informed decisions. This is important in global health crises such as COVID-19 where information flow via social media is especially overwhelming and rapidly evolving.

Project 2. Detecting Misinformation and Disinformation during Global Health Crises

Keywords: Misinformation, disinformation, global health crises, trustworthy social media

Project summary: In rapidly developing situations, misinformation due to inaccurate descriptions or interpretations of the situation and deliberately falsified disinformation are easily generated and spread quickly.  This project will explore: (a) how to assist people with the use of trustworthy social media information while avoiding misinformation/ disinformation, and (b) how to automatically detect and stop the spread of misinformation/disinformation on mass media and social media.

Project 3. Promoting virtual social connections: studying technology and older adults amid COVID-19 pandemic

Keywords: Online social connections, technology use and older adults

Project summary: Under the social and physical distancing requirements of COVID-19, one population particularly at risk are those who are older – living alone in their own homes and unable to get out, or those in aged care facilities with restricted or no visiting possible. Technology may play an increasingly important role in this situation whereas it is equally important to ensure the accessibility and usability of (low- tech) solutions for older adults who are usually on the wrong side of the digital divide.

Project 4. An open project can also be discussed with potential students in a common research interest area.

Who can apply:

  • Open to domestic and international students.
  • Both undergraduate students in their second, third, fourth or honours year and coursework masters students.

How to apply:

Applications close 17 September 2021.

Research undertaking period and Stipend to offer:

The vacation research scholarship offers students the opportunity to undertake research from a minimum of 4 weeks to a maximum of 8 weeks with experienced UniSA researchers, between November 2021 and February 2022, while receiving a stipend of $300 per week.

Contact supervisor:

Associate Professor Tina Du, University of South Australia

E-mail: tina.du@unisa.edu.au

Phone: 08-8302-5269

Website: https://people.unisa.edu.au/Tina.Du