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Fully funded PhD scholarship project on Ageing Workers, New technology, and Workplace Wellbeing in the Digital Era. Applications will close on Sunday 6 November 2022.

Fully funded PhD scholarship project on Improving the ageing experience of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) older adults: the role of information and technology. Applications will close on Thursday 17 November 2022.

International students who receive a stipend (i.e. living allowance scholarship from their home country e.g., China Scholarship Council, or self-funded) are eligible for a fee waiver scholarship from the university. Contact Tina for details:  

Postdoc recruitment: University of South Australia is recruiting ten (10), five-year research intensive (80%) positions available across 11 broad subject areas via the postdoctoral fellowship scheme. Applications will close on Monday 31st October 2022.

I am leading the Information and Innovation Lab at the University of South Australia. I’m recruiting PhD , Master by Research, and Honours students with backgrounds in computer science, information science, and (library) information management to join the Lab under my principal or co-supervision. We are located in Room D2-08, Building D, Mawson Lakes Campus.

Students under my supervision are likely to work in the areas of interactive information retrieval, cognitive information retrieval, user-Web/Internet interactions, human information behaviour, human-information interactions, ICT4D, and social impact of technologies. I enjoy taking advantage of strengths of each individual student. I always seek common goals with my research students.

Please read through this web page. If you are self-motivated, pro-active, collaborative, hard-working, passionate about research, and determined to produce high-quality publications, please contact me via e-mail ( with (1) your CV listing publications (if any) and (2) a one-page research statement as a start of inquiry. Once I assess your research potential, I will ask for your academic transcripts and direct you to the PhD project and scholarship application page.

To date, I’ve supervised 18 HDR students (with 8 as principal supervisor) at the University of South Australia with 12 completions. Students are housed in the Information and Innovation Lab which I lead.  Since 2014, our Lab has hosted 21 international visiting scholars including 12 postdoctoral researchers and 9 PhD students from New Zealand, United States, Indonesia, China, and Bangladesh under joint programs. I’ve also hired 7 postdocs and research assistants working on my research projects.

From a broad perspective, I may classify PhD projects under my supervision into information studies. This is because all their topics are down into the areas of human information behaviour, web search, human-information interactions, collaborative information retrieval, and public library services which are key areas of information studies research field. The titles of these PhD projects can be found below.  I also co-supervise interdisciplinary PhD projects – my collaboration with researchers in the disciplines of computer sciences, neurocomputing engineering, information systems, tourism, and communication.

12 PhD/HDR Completions:

  • Dr. Abu Shamim Mohammad Arif (Principal supervision, Australian Government APA Scholarship holder, PhD completed in 2015. Now a full Professor at Computer Science and Engineering Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh. personal website)
    • Thesis title: Collaborative information retrieval in tourism: a study of user behaviour, user interface and system evaluation
  • Dr. Safirotu Khoir (Principal supervision, Australia Awards scholarship holder, PhD completed in 2016. Now a Lecturer at the Graduate School of Library and Information Management, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. personal website)
    • Thesis title: An information behaviour perspective into Asian immigrants’ settlement processes in South Australia: Investigating their everyday life information seeking and the value of public library services
    • Khoir’s PhD thesis was nominated for the prestigious ProQuest Doctoral Dissertation Award in 2017 international open competition.
  • Dr. Jannatul Fardous (Principal supervision, Australian Government APA Scholarship holder, PhD completed in 2019. Now working as Business Intelligence Analyst/Service Management Analyst, Westpac Bank. Personal website)
    • Thesis title: Invesigating mobile media users’ behaviours in tourism collaborative information retrieval
  • Dr. Mouda Ye (Principal supervision, UniSA International Research Tuition Scholarship (IRTS) and ARC DECRA Living Allowance Scholarship holder, PhD completed in 2021. Now working as Digital Business Analyst, RAA. Personal website)
    • Thesis title: Understanding small groups of Chinese tourists’ information behaviour during planning and visiting Australia
    • Mouda was nominated for the prestigious Michael Miller Medal (STEM Academic Unit) and for the prestigious Ian Davey Research Thesis Prize (university-wide prize) for his outstanding PhD thesis.
  • Dr. Jelina Haines (Principal supervision, Australian Government APA Scholarship holder, PhD completed in 2021.)
  • Dr. Faisal (Co-supervision, Indonesian Government Scholarship holder, completed in 2015)
    • Thesis title: Mobile collaboration technology implementation framework in engineering asset organisations
  • Dr. Hedayetul Islam Shovon (Co-supervision, UniSA UPS scholarship holder, completed in 2016. Now working as Scientist at the Defence Science and Technology Group, personal website)
    • Thesis title: Identification of cognitive activity in EEG during cognitive tasks including web search
  • Dr. Sara Salehi (Co-supervision, UniSA IPS scholarship holder, completed in 2017. Now an IT consultant at Ernst & Young, Melbourne)
    • Thesis title: Effect of personalised search on students in an e-learning environment
  • Dr. Anisha Fernando (Co-supervision, UniSA IPS Scholarship holder, completed in 2017. Now Discipline Lead – Tertiary Studies (Diploma of IT – Lecturer) at the South Australian Institute of Business and Technology (SAIBT), personal website)
    • Thesis title: Privacy-enhanced personalisation of Web search
  • Dr. Alice Crowley (Co-supervision, Australian Government APA Scholarship holder, completed in 2022. Now Graduate Policy Officer, Department of Health, Tasmania, personal website)
    • Thesis title:  Framing fake news: An analysis on its rhetorical strategies, newsness and how it creates social meaning
  • Dr. Matthew Kelly (Co-supervision, Australian Government APA Scholarship holder, completed in 2022. Now CEO, Library Management Australia, personal website)
    • Thesis title: The representation of knowledge in Australian public library adult non-fiction monograph collections: Epistemic factors influencing selection and evaluation
  • Xin Zhang (co-supervision, Master by Research, completed in 2020)
    • Thesis title: The role of customer engagement behaviour in social media on the co-creation process of destination brand personality: the case study of WeChat

Currently supervise 6 PhD/HDR students:

  • Menghao Jia (Principal supervision, UniSA UPS scholarship, 2019- )
    • Thesis title: LGBTQ+ youth’s information behaviour in the coping process during their identity development: A mixed-methods study
  • Sofie Kim (Principal supervision, UniSA RTPd scholarship, to commence in Jan 2022- )
    • Thesis title: Online festival accessibility and usability guidelines to support persons with loss of motor skills and reduced mobility
  • Ruyi Li (Principal supervision, UniSA RTPi scholarship, May 2022- )
    • Thesis title: Improving the ageing experience of CALD older adults: information and technology design for culturally appropriate aged care
  • Sabbir Ahmed (Co-supervision, International scholarship holder, February 2020-)
    • Thesis title: Designing and implementing blockchain-based secured and trustworthy integrated system
  • Fatima Tabassum (Co-supervision, Research Training Program domestic (RTPd) Stipend holder, June 2020-)
    • Thesis title: Manipulation detection in social media combining text and rich structural features
  • Vicky Qiaoling Sun (Co-supervision, Research Training Program domestic (RTPd) Stipend holder, Feb 2021-)
    • Thesis title: Enhancing student interactions in online courses through learning analytics – a multi-method study in Australian higher education sector

Research Associates and Assistants

  • Postdoctoral researcher Dr. Jannatul Fardous, 2020-2021
  • Postdoctoral researcher Dr. Aida Eslami Afrooz, Jul – Oct 2020
  • Vicky Qiaoling Sun, Jan-Aug 2014, Jul-Nov 2018
  • Abu Shamim Mohammad Arif, 2014-15
  • Jelina Haines, Jan-Dec 2014
  • Santhiya Rani Vijayakumar, 2012-13

Summer Vacation Scholarship High Performance students

  • Ellen Lehmann (Master of Information Management student, UniSA, Nov 2021- Jan 2022)
  • Evgenia Giles (Master of Information Management student, UniSA, Jan-Feb 2022)
  • Yuxing Xiang (IT Honours student, UniSA, Nov 2020- Feb 2021)

Visiting scholars:

  • Associate Prof Yiming Zhao, Wuhan University, to commence in 2022 (funded by China Scholarship Council)
  • Prof Bharat Mehra, University of Alabama, US. Oct 2019.
  • Prof Qing Ke, Nanjing University, Oct 2019 – Oct 2020 (funded by China Scholarship Council)
  • Dr Lei Li, Beijing Normal University, Oct 18-Apr 2019 (funded by Du ARC grant and Division NAF grant)
  • Dr. Safirotu Khoir, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia. Jan 2019 (former PhD student, funded by Du ARC grant)
  • Professor Anne Goulding, School of Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, 16 April-4 May 2018 (funded by Victoria University of Wellington)
  • Professor Sam Huang, Tourism & Services Marketing, School of Business and Law, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Feb 2018
  • Dr. Abu Shamim Mohammad Arif, Khulna University, Bangladesh. Jul-Sep 2017 (former PhD student, funded by Du ARC grant)
  • Associate Prof Fang Xu, Soochow University, Mar-Sep 2017 (funded by Jiangsu Province Scholarship Council)
  • Jianzhen Zhang, Shanxi Research Institue, Aug 2016-Aug 2017 (funded by Shanxi Province Scholarship Council)
  • Associate Prof Huijuan Wu, Jilin Dianli University, Jan 2016-Jan 2017 (funded by Jilin Province Scholarship Council)
  • Dr Yunfeng Wang, Nanjing Medical University, Dec 2014-Feb 2015 (funded by Nanjing Medical University)

Visiting PhD students:

  • Xiao Sui, Shangdong University of Science and Technology, China, Sep-Dec 2019 (funded by Shangdong University of Science and Technology)
  • Xuanhui Zhang, Nanjing University, Aug 2019 – Feb 2020 (funded by Du ARC grant)
  • Meiyue Wang, Jilin University, Sep 2019 – Sep 2020
  • Xi Han, Nanjing University, April – June 2018 (funded by Nanjing University)
  • Tingting Zhang, Nanjing University, Feb 2018-Feb 2019 (funded by China Scholarship Council)
  • Yanqing Shi, Nanjing University, Nov-Dec 2016 (funded by Nanjing University)
  • Dongfang Sheng, Nanjing University, Dec 2014 – Feb 2015 (funded by Nanjing University)
    • Thesis title: Understanding Link Sharing Tools Continuance Behaviour in Social Media
  • Dandan Ma, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Oct 2014- Oct 2015 (funded by Nanjing University of Science and Technology)
    • Thesis title: Exploring factors that enable the use of mobile Internet services for information disadvantaged people

Projects for potential students:

Information and community supports for immigrants

(Areas: Information Management, Information Behaviour, Information Use, Public Libraries)

— Group decision-making and information processing in leisure situations

(Areas: information processing, group decision-making, leisure information seeking)

— Social search and social computing 

(Areas: Information Systems, HCI, CSCW, Web Search, Social Media)

— Vulnerable communities in the digital age

(Areas: Information systems, technology use, information behaviour, vulnerable communities)

Now Closed: UniSA 2021/2022 Vacation Research Scholarships are open for applications!