Research Supervision

Scholarship opportunities for international/overseas applicants

Scholarship opportunities for domestic/Australian applicants

I’m recruiting PhD , Master by Research, and Honours students under my supervision or co-supervision. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in the areas of interactive information retrieval, cognitive information retrieval, user-Web/Internet interactions, human information behaviour, human-information interactions, and library and information management in general.

It is my great pleasure to meet and work with good research students (hard workers who are passionate about research and determined to pursue high-quality publications). Passion does come as the no. 1 thing!

I enjoy taking advantage of strengths of each individual student. I always seek common goals with my PhD students.

I supervise 14 PhD students (with 6 as principal supervisor) at the University of South Australia with 7 completions.

I also collaborate and supervise 13 international visiting scholars including 8 postdoc researchers and 5 PhD students under joint programs.

From a broad perspective, I may classify PhD projects under my supervision into information studies. This is because all their topics are down into the areas of human information behaviour, web search, human-information interactions, collaborative information retrieval, and public library services which are key areas of information studies research field. The titles of these PhD projects can be found below.  I also co-supervise interdisciplinary PhD projects – my collaboration with researchers in the disciplines of computer sciences, neurocomputing engineering, information systems, tourism, and communication.

PhD Completion:

  • Dr. Abu Shamim Mohammad Arif (Principal supervision, Australian Government APA Scholarship holder, completed in 2015. Now a Professor at Computer Science and Engineering Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh,
    • Thesis title: Collaborative information retrieval in tourism: a study of user behaviour, user interface and system evaluation
  • Dr. Safiroutu Khoir (Principal supervision, Australia Awards scholarship holder, completed in 2016. Now a Lecturer at the Graduate School of Library and Information Management, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia)
    • Thesis title: An information behaviour perspective into Asian immigrants’ settlement processes in South Australia: Investigating their everyday life information seeking and the value of public library services
    • Khoir’s PhD thesis was nominated for the international open competition and prestigous ProQuest Doctoral Dissertation Award 2017
  • Dr. Jannatul Fardous (Principal supervision, Australian Government APA Scholarship holder, completed in 2019.)
    • Thesis title: Invesigating mobile media users’ behaviours in tourism collaborative information retrieval
  • Dr. Faisal (Co-supervision, Indonesian Government Scholarship holder, completed in 2015)
    • Thesis title: Mobile collaboration technology implementation framework in engineering asset organisations
  • Dr. Hedayetul Islam Shovon (Co-supervision, UniSA UPS scholarship holder, completed in 2016. Now working at the Defence Science and Technology Group.)
    • Thesis title: Identification of cognitive activity in EEG during cognitive tasks including web search
  • Dr. Sara Salehi (Co-supervision, UniSA IPS scholarship holder, completed in 2017. Now IT consultant at Ernst & Young, Melbourne)
    • Thesis title: Effect of personalised search on students in an e-learning environment
  • Dr. Anisha Fernando (Co-supervision, UniSA IPS Scholarship holder, completed in 2017)
    • Thesis title: Privacy-enhanced personalisation of Web search

Currently supervise 7 PhD students:

  • Jelina Haines (Principal supervision, Australian Government APA Scholarship holder, 2015-)
    • Thesis title: Researching the knowledge journey practices of Indigenous Elders and the younger generation: A community-based participatory study
    • Jelina Haines was the First Prize Winner of the 2017 Images of Research: Engaged Research, Enterprising Researchers Photography Competition , Website link:
  • Mouda Ye (Principal supervision, UniSA International Research Tuition Scholarship (IRTS) and ARC DECRA Living Allowance Scholarship holder, 2017-)
    • Thesis title: Understanding small groups of Chinese tourists’ information behaviour during planning and visiting Australia
  • Menghao Jia (Principal supervision, UniSA UPS scholarship, 2019- )
    • Thesis title: TBD
  • Alice Crowley (Co-supervision, Australian Government APA Scholarship holder, 2018-)
    • Thesis title:  Defence against the dark arts: guarding the public discourse from propaganda and fake news, and promoting truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in the media and social media
  • Matthew Kelly (Co-supervision, July 2019-)
    • Thesis title: The representation of knowledge in Australian public library adult non-fiction monograph collections: Epistemic factors influencing selection and evaluation
  • Sabbir Ahmed (Co-supervision, International scholarship holder, February 2020-)
  • Fatima Tabassum (Co-supervision, Research Training Program domestic (RTPd) Stipend, February 2020-)

Current Master by Research students

  • Xin Zhang (co-supervision, 2017-)
    • Thesis title: The role of customer engagement behaviour in social media on the co-creation process of destination brand personality: the case study of WeChat

Visiting scholars:

  • Associate Prof Yiming Zhao, Wuhan University, Feb – Nov 2020 (funded by China Scholarship Council)
  • Prof Qing Ke, Nanjing University, Oct 2019 – Oct 2020 (funded by China Scholarship Council)
  • Postdoc researcher Dr Lei Li, Oct 18-Apr 2019 (funded by Du ARC grant and Division NAF grant)
  • Postdoc researcher Dr Safirotu Khoir, Jan 2019
  • Professor Anne Goulding, School of Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, 16 April-4 May 2018 (funded by Victoria University of Wellington)
  • Postdoc researcher Dr Abu Shamim Mohammad Arif, Khulna University, Jul-Sep 2017 (funded by Du ARC grant)
  • Postdoc researcher Associate Prof Fang Xu, Soochow University, Mar-Sep 2017 (funded by Jiangsu Province Scholarship Council)
  • Jianzhen Zhang, Shanxi Research Institue, Aug 2016-Aug 2017 (funded by Shanxi Province Scholarship Council)
  • Postdoc researcher Associate Prof Huijuan Wu, Jilin Dianli University, Jan 2016-Jan 2017 (funded by Jilin Province Scholarship Council)
  • Postdoc researcher Dr Yunfeng Wang, Nanjing Medical University, Dec 2014-Feb 2015 (funded by Nanjing Medical University)

Visiting PhD students:

  • Xuanhui Zhang, Nanjing University, Aug 2019 – Feb 2020 (funded by Du ARC grant)
  • Meiyue Wang, Jilin University, Sep 2019 – Sep 2020
  • Xiao Sui, Shangdong University of Science and Technology, China, Sep-Dec 2019
  • Xi Han, Nanjing University, April – June 2018 (funded by Nanjing University)
  • Tingting Zhang, Nanjing University, Feb 2018-Feb 2019 (funded by China Scholarship Council)
  • Yanqing Shi, Nanjing University, Nov-Dec 2016 (funded by Nanjing University)
  • Dongfang Sheng, Nanjing University, Dec 2014 – Feb 2015 (funded by Nanjing University)
    • Thesis title: Understanding Link Sharing Tools Continuance Behaviour in Social Media
  • Dandan Ma, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Oct 2014- Oct 2015 (funded by Nanjing University of Science and Technology)
    • Thesis title: Exploring factors that enable the use of mobile Internet services for information disadvantaged people

Potential students could have the backgrounds of computer science, information science, and (library) information management.

Projects for potential students:

Information and community supports for immigrants

(Areas: Information Management, Information Behaviour, Information Use, Public Libraries)

— Group decision-making and information processing in leisure situations

(Areas: information processing, group decision-making, leisure information seeking)

— Social search and social computing 

(Areas: Information Systems, HCI, CSCW, Web Search, Social Media)

— Vulnerable communities in the digital age

(Areas: Information systems, technology use, information behaviour, vulnerable communities)

Please contact me via email ( for details or any inquiries.