Research projects


Research Projects

  • (2020-2021) “Promoting Aboriginal cultural storytelling using Web-GIS based participatory map applications and interactive Story Maps

Investigators: Du, T. & Peters, S. Funded by UniSA Research Themes Investment Scheme, Amount: $40,000

This study aims to: a). building the interactive storymaps using the participatory mapping approach to digitally preserve and synthesize the Aboriginal knowledge and cultural stories; and b). promoting sustainable development and well-being of the Aboriginal community by providing hands-on trainings for storymaps maintenance

  • (2018-19) “Understanding information needs and technology use of newly arrived elderly Chinese immigrants to promote social support and well-being”

Investigator: Du, T., Caidi, and Bayley, Funded by Division ITEE New Adventures Fund, Amount: $11,975

This study aims to explore information needs and concerns of older Chinese immigrants in Australia, their information seeking behaviour including use of digital technologies, and expectations on community services and well-being.

  • (2017–2019) “Collaborative information seeking and its application in tourism”

Investigator: Du, T. Funded by Australian Research Council DECRA (Category 1 Grant), Amount: $360,000

The project aims to better understand group behaviour of information seeking. The project builds models and develops guidelines for understanding and supporting collaborative information seeking behaviour in the context of tourism. It is expected to benefit the Australian tourism industry, making it easier for tourists to find information and improving tourists’ overall experience. Click here to know the progress and outcomes of this project

  • (2017–2018) “Co-creating wine tourism experiences through crowdfunding: Does it pay-off and for whom?”

Investigators: M. Sigala, J. Conduit, J. T. Du, J. Fountain, H. L. Gao, A. Kim, & C. Haller. Funded by Le Cordon Bleu (LCB) — UniSA Research Grants Scheme, Amount: $20,000

This project aims to develop a typology of crowdfunded wine experiences that measures co-creation participation in wine experiences; and investigate the impacts of the former on customers’ behavioural intentions by distinguishing effects on crowdfunded projects, companies and destinations.

  • (2016–2017) “How do Indigenous Australians use information technology in their daily lives? A study with the Indigenous people within the Wiradjuri Nation of New South Wales”.

Investigators: Z.X. Yi, J.T. Du, H.R. Jamali, & L. Dolan. Funded by Charles Sturt University Faculty of Arts and Education Grant Development Funding, Amount: $7044.58

  • (2014–2015) “Access information via the Internet: The strengths and limitations faced by indigenous communities”

Investigator: Du, T. Funded by The auDA Foundation (Industry Research Grant), Amount: $24,952

This project aims to investigate how Indigenous Australians engage with the Internet to meet everyday information needs; identify the barriers they face as well as the opportunities available to improve their interactions with web technologies. I served as the Chair of Organising Committee for the Public Seminar on Indigenous Research Projects, 5 Dec 2014, Adelaide.

  • (2014–2016) “Evidenced-based approach to the design and redevelopment of inclusive technology enhanced learning environments”

Investigators: Wood, D., Scutter, S., Du, T. Glenny, L., Snowden, C., Tedmanson, D., Underwood, B., and Johnson, T. Collaboration with Uni Adelaide, QUT, and ANU. Funded by the Australian government Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT)(Category 1 Grant), Amount: $211,000

This project aims to provide guidelines for academics on the design and redevelopment of inclusive technology enhanced learning curricula and develop a prototype of an open source responsive learning system (RLS). Project website

  •  (2013–2015) “Internet Technology that is Inclusive Without Being Invasive”

Investigators: Ashman, H., Du, T. and Wahlstrom, K. Funded by the auDA Foundation (Industry Research Grant), Amount: $75,000

This project aims to determine what personalisation is valuable to the Internet user, to reduce the variety of personal data this is collected, and to reclaim user control of the personalisation process from search engines.

  • (2012-2014) “The Web Use Behaviour of Indigenous Australians”

Investigator: Du, T. Funded by the UniSA Early Career Research Development Grant, Amount: $8,000

This project aims to examine how Indigenous Australians conduct their everyday information behaviour in the information age, and Web opportunities available to them.

  • (2010-2011) “Modelling Marketing Professionals’ Information Behaviour in the Workplace”

Investigator: Du, T. Funded by the UniSA Early Career Research Development Grant, Amount: $4,000

The aim of this project is to examine and model how marketing professionals seek, judge, use, and share information in the workplace.

  • (2010) “Academic Users’ Information Searching on Research Tasks”

Investigators: Du, T. and Evans, N.

This research investigates how academic users search for information on their real-life research topics. The analysis of search logs uncovered the characteristics of research tasks and the corresponding search strategies.

  • (2010) “Multitasking, Cognitive Coordination and Cognitive Shifts During Web Searching”

This project was my PhD thesis research which models users’ Web searching process from cognitive and interactive perspectives.My PhD thesis