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*research under my principal supervision; **corresponding author


Xu, F. & Du, J. T.** (2018). Factors influencing users’ satisfaction and loyalty to digital libraries in Chinese universities. Computers in Human Behavior, 83, 64-72[IF: 3.435; SSCI]

Salehi S., Du, J. T., & Ashman, H. (accepted 9/11/17). Use of web search engines and personalisation in academic searching. To appear in the third issue of Information Research. [ERA A; 47/146 in Library & Information Science – top 32%; IF: 0.66; SSCI]

Haq, S. U., Gu, D. X., Du, J. T. (accepted 28/03/18). Project governance, project performance and the mediating role of project quality and project management risk: an agency theory perspective. Engineering Management Journal. [IF: 0.548; SSCI]


Du, J. T. (2017). Research on Indigenous people and the role of information and communications technology in development: A review of the literature. To appear in the December issue of the Journal of the Australian Library and Information Association (JALIA), 66(4), 344-363. Http:// [ERA B, SSCI]

*Haines, J., Du, J. T., Geursen, G., Gao, J., & Trevorrow, E. (2017). Understanding Elders’ knowledge creation to strengthen Indigenous ethical knowledge sharing. Information Research, 22(4), paper rails1607. [ERA A; SSCI]

Khan, A. & Du, J. T. (2017). Professional development through social media applications: a study of female librarians in Pakistan. Information and Learning Science (formerly known as New Library World by Emeraldinsight), 118 (7/8), 342-353.

Wu, P., Sheng, S., He, D. Q., & Du, J. T. (2017). A belief–desire–intention model for blog users’ negative emotional norm compliance decision-making in crises. The Electronic Library, 35(4), 798-821. [SSCI]

Du, J. T.** & Haines, J. (2017). Indigenous Australians’ information behaviour and Internet use in everyday life: An exploratory study. Information Research (IR), 22 (1), paper 560. Available at [ERA A, SSCI]

*Khoir, S., Du, J. T. **, Davison, R. & Koronios, A. (2017). Contributing to social capital: An investigation of Asian immigrants’ use of public library services. Library and Information Science Research (L&ISR), 39 (1), 34–45.[ERA A*, SSCI] (*research under my principal supervision; **corresponding author) full text link

Md. Hedayetul, I. S., Nandagopal, D., Vijayalakshmi, R., Du, J. T., Cocks, B. (2017). Directed connectivity analysis of functional brain networks during cognitive activity using transfer entropy. Neural Processing Letters, 45(3), 807-824. doi:10.1007/s11063-016-9506-1 [ERA B, SCI] full text link

Sun, J. J., Sheng, D. F., Gu, D. X., Du, J. T., & Min, C. (2017). Understanding link sharing tools continuance behavior in social media. Online Information Review (OIR), 41(1), 119-133. [ERA B; 21/84 in Information Science & Library Science category (Web of Knowledge) – top 25%; IF: 1.443; h5-index 28; SSCI]


*Ma, D. D., Du, J. T., Cen, Y. H. & Wu, P. (2016). Exploring the adoption of mobile Internet services by socioeconomically disadvantaged people: A qualitative user study. Aslib Journal of Information Management, 68(6), 670-693. [ERA B; IF: 1.147; SSCI] (*research under my principal supervision) full text link

Wu, H. J., Du, J. T., Sun, H. F., & Fardous, J. (2016). Identifying core users in social resource recommendation system with K-shell Collapse Sequences. New Technology of Library and Information Service/Xiandai Tushu Qingbao Jishu, 32 (9), 58-64. DOI: 10.11925/infotech.1003-3513.2016.09.07 [In Chinese, the leading library and information sciences journal, included in ERA 2012 list]full text link

Huang, L.H., Zhu, Q.H., Du, J. T., & Li, B. Z. (2016). Exploring the dynamic contribution behavior of editors in wikis based on time series analysis. Program-Electronic Library and Information Systems, 50 (1), 41-57. [ERA C, SSCI] full text link


*Khoir, S., Du, J. T.**, & Koronios, A. (2015). Everyday information behaviour of Asian immigrants in South Australia: A mixed-methods exploration. Information Research (IR), 20(3), paper 687. Available at full text link [ERA A, SSCI] (*research under my principal supervision; **corresponding author)

*Khoir, S., Du, J. T.**, & Koronios, A. (2015). Linking everyday information behaviour to Asian immigrant settlement processes: Towards a conceptual framework. Australian Academic & Research Libraries (AARL)46 (2), 86-100. DOI: 10.1080/00048623.2015.1024303 full text link [ERA B, national leading journal, SSCI] (*research under my principal supervision; **corresponding author)

*Mohammad Arif, A. S., Du, J. T.**, & Lee, I. (2015). Understanding tourists’ collaborative information retrieval behavior to inform design. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST)66(11), 2285–2303. DOI: 10.1002/asi.23319 full text link (ERA A*, SCI) (*research under my principal supervision; **corresponding author)

Syafar, F., Gao, J., & Du, J. T. (2015). The success implementation factors for mobile collaboration technology in asset maintenance. Journal of Mobile Technologies, Knowledge and Society, Vol. 2015 (2015), Article ID 459687, DOI: 10.5171/2015.459687 full text link


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2008 and prior (in Chinese, then I was a postgraduate student at Nanjing University, China)

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