Collaborative Information Seeking and Its Application In Tourism


Project funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC), 2017-2020, Amount: $360,000

Chief Investigator: Dr. Jia Tina Du (ARC DECRA)

Research team: UniSA members Mr. Mouda Ye (PhD student), Prof. Sam Huang, Prof. Marianna Sigala, Assoc. Prof. Helen Ashman,  external collaborators: Assoc. Prof. Preben Hansen (Stockholm University, Sweden) and Mr. Peter Reid (South Australian Tourism Commission)

The project aims to better understand group behaviour of information seeking. The project builds models and develops guidelines for understanding and supporting collaborative information seeking behaviour in the context of tourism. It is expected to benefit the Australian tourism industry, making it easier for tourists to find information and improving tourists’ overall experience.

Project Progress:

January-March 2017: Recruitment of a PhD student (PhD advertisement)

November 2017: I gave a talk entitled “The Role of Information in Smart Tourism: A Tourist-focused Perspective” at 2017  IFITT Workshop on Smart Tourism, press release here


Feb 2018: My PhD student Mouda Ye completed his research proposal which is part of the funded project and his candidature is confirmed.

June 2018: we kick off data collection

继续招募研究参与者 data collection is still ongoing, we are recruiting research participants:

Participants recruitment: small groups of young Chinese tourists (18-35 yrs old) who travel on self-organised trips to Australia during 2019招募2019年通过网络寻找驴友,或者和家人朋友结伴赴澳洲自由行的年轻(18-35岁)中国游客团队

June 2018:  Jannatul Fardous and myself gave a talk on Tourists’ social media usage during group trip planning at 2018 IFITT Workshop on Smart Tourism, see the Press Release published in TravelDailyNews  here


Jun-Sep 2018: A pilot study was conducted with 7 real Chinese tourism groups to Australia.

Nov 2018:  Our paper “Examining tourists’ engagement in information seeking and collaboration” was accepted and presented at 2018 national RAILS Conference

Nov 2018:  Our paper “Collaborative information seeking in tourism: a study of young Chinese leisure tourists visiting Australia” has been accepted and included in the Proceedings of the ACM SIG CHIIR Conference. Link to the paper

Dec 2018: My PhD student Mouda Ye was awarded a SIGIR Student Travel Grant in the amount of $2,000.00 USD for attending 2019 ACM SIG CHIIR Conference.

Apr 2019:  Our paper “Young Chinese tourists’ motivations to engage in collaborative information behaviour for group holidays” has been accepted and included in the Proceedings of the 23rd Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS 2019). [CORE A]