Book reviews, PhD thesis, and professional magazine articles

Book reviews

Du, J. T. (2009). Book review of ” Personalized Information Retrieval and Access: Concepts, Methods, and Practices” R. A. Gonzalez, N. Chen & A. Dahanayake (Ed.). Online Information Review, 33(1), 211-212.

PhD thesis

Du, J.T. (2010). Multitasking, cognitive coordination and cognitive shifts during Web searching. Unpublished Ph.D., Queensland University of Technology, Australia — Queensland. full text link

Dissertation abstract  – Du, J.T. (2011). Multitasking, Cognitive Coordination and Cognitive Shifts During Web Searching. ACM SIGIR Forum, 45 (1), 74. full text link

Invited professional magazine articles

Du, J. T. & Khoir, S. (2018). How international migrants rely on public libraries. INCITE (the professional magazine of Australian Library and Information Association), volume 39, issue 5/6, page 28.