About me (中英文简介)

Dr Tina Du is Senior Lecturer of Information Studies in the School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences, University of South Australia. Tina is also an Australian Research Council (ARC) DECRA Fellow (2017-19), a highly competitive national research fellowship, and visiting fellow at the University of Oxford’s Internet Institute (2016-17). Tina obtained her PhD in information studies in 2010 from Queensland University of Technology, for which she was awarded the prestigious international open competition Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Award. She has published 73 papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings and raised over $800,000 for research.
Her research interests are interdisciplinary in nature, exploring the interactive information retrieval, user-web interactions, human information behaviour and smart use of information, as well as social impact of the Internet and technologies. She uses a range of qualitative and mixed methodologies and methods, including grounded theory, search experiment, query logs analysis, discourse analysis and photovoice method in her social  innovation project. Collaborating with tourism researchers, Dr Du is currently leading an interdisciplinary project “Collaborative Information Seeking and its Application in Tourism” which is funded by Australian Research Council.
Tina is an Editorial Advisory Board Member of three international journals Online Information Review, Aslib Journal of Information Management, and Information and Learning Sciences. Tina has been awarded Outstanding Reviewer by Emerald Awards for Excellence in both 2015 and 2016. She has served as chairs and PC member for several international conferences as well as having delivered 11 invited talks and public lectures at universities in Australia, China and the UK.
In 2016, she was appointed as Visiting Fellowship at Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford in the UK. She is the selected 2017 cohort of the South Australian Governor’s Leadership Foundation (GLF) Program. Tina serves as Secretary of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) Asia-Pacific Chapter between 2017-18. Tina is married with two lovely young boys, Jacky (born in 2013) and Laurence (born in 2016). 
杜佳博士是南澳大学信息技术和数学学院的高级讲师、博士生导师,澳大利亚研究理事会(ARC)杰出青年基金项目获得者 (Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow)。2004年和2006年分别获得南京大学学士和硕士学位,2010年获得澳大利亚昆士兰科技大学博士学位。她的博士论文“网络搜索过程中的多任务信息处理,认知协同和认知转变”获得了国际权威Emerald/EFMD优秀博士论文奖。
杜博士的研究兴趣是互联网研究,交互式网络搜索,在线多任务处理,和用户信息行为。她在这些领域发表了73篇论文,包括编著出版专业书籍1部 ,书章3篇,高质量国际期刊文章30篇 (其中16篇由SCI/SSCI收录)和国际会议文章35篇。
杜博士在2016-2017期间在英国牛津大学访问研究(University of Oxford, Oxford Internet Institute)。杜佳博士是9个研究项目的主持人或共同主持人。她的研究项目获得了来自澳大利亚国家研究院(ARC), 政府教育指导委员会(OLT)、澳大利亚互联网域名基金(auDA Foundation)、南澳大学以及其他机构的资助。总资助额度为80万澳币 (相当于400万元人民币)。她目前主持的一个跨学科项目是合作式信息检索及其在旅游研究的应用。该项目由澳大利亚国家研究院资助。
杜博士在南澳大学指导/共同指导9个博士生。她是澳大利亚图书馆与信息协会理事,是国际学术期刊 Aslib Journal of Information Management, Online Information Review 和 Information and Learning Sciences评审委员会委员,同时也是国际顶级期刊和会议包括 JASIST,Information Processing & Management(IPM),ASIST, 以及ACM CHI 会议(ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems)的受邀审稿人。她连续被Emerald Awards for Excellence授予2015和2016年度期刊杰出审稿人。杜博士入选2017年度南澳州总督未来领袖培训项目。2017-18年度杜博士担任国际信息科学与技术学会亚太区 秘书长 (Secretary of ASIST Asia-Pacific Chapter)。